Notes on 'Adulthood Rites' (1988) by Octavia E. Butler (1947-2006)

As a major voice in social criticism, writing on issues such as race, sex and power, Octavia E. Butler has made a series of significant contributions to the sf canon. Adulthood Rites is the second work in Butler’s Xenogenesis series (1987-1989). An alien invasion, in the wake of a global nuclear war, becomes the starting point for an investigation into male aggression, fear of the unknown, as well as gender fluidity and hybridity.

First HC edition: Published by Warner Books (1988)
Part of the Xenogenesis series:
Dawn (1987)
Adulthood Rites (1988)
Imago (1989)
Collectors notes:
Less than 5 Fine copies currently available on the market.
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