Notes on 'Freeware' (1997) by Rudy Rucker (b. 1946)

Freeware is the third book in Rudy Rucker’s hugely influential Ware tetralogy (1982-2000), which follows the lives of a small number of west-coast, counter-cultural families, their haphazard and often accidental relationship with rapid technological change gradually moving towards pure technological transcendence.

First HC edition: published by Avon (1997)
First SC edition: published by Avon (1997)
Part of the Ware tetralogy:
Software (1982)
Wetware (1988)
Freeware (1997)
Realware (2000)
Collectors notes:
Less than 10 Fine HC copies currently available on the market.
Text block subject to yellowing.
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