Notes on 'Empty Space' (2012) by M John Harrison (b. 1945)

Known for his literary ability, M John Harrison has made several significant contributions to the space opera subgenre. Set between the present day and the far future, Empty Space, the final work in M. John Harrison’s Kefanuchi Tract Trilogy (2002-2012), interrogates a future (and present) where the weird conundrums of quantum mechanics such as superposition, entanglement and tunnelling bleed into the macroworld. Harrison builds a world where time, space, narrative and lives are suspended in different states of uncertainty, ultimately collapsing in on themselves.

First HC edition: Published by Gollancz (2012)
Part of the Kefanuchi Tract series:
Light (2002)
Nova Swing (2006)
Empty Space (2012)
Collectors notes:
Less than 5 Fine copies currently available on the market.
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