Notes on 'Escape Plans' (1986) by Gwyneth Jones (b. 1952)

Gwyneth Jones is one of the leading voices in 1980s feminist science fiction. Escape Plans is an important Cyberpunk infused, dystopian work, which envisions an Orwellian matriarchy that has resorted to  enslaving large swathes of the population, entirely marginalising the male part. Escape Plan was a finalist for the Arthur C. Clark Award for Best Science Fiction Novel (1987).

First HC edition: Published by George Allen & Unwin (1986)
First SC edition (true first): published by Unwin Paperbacks (1986)
Collectors notes:
Less than 5 Fine HC copies currently available on the market.
Less than 5 Fine SC copies currently available on the market.
HC edition: Dustcover and text block subject to yellowing
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