Notes on 'Neuromancer' (1984) by William Gibson (b. 1948)

Neuromancer  is a culturally significant work which solidified Cyberpunk as a subgenre and introduced a larger audience to the claustrophobic urban landscape that has since come to characterise much Cyberpunk literature and cinema. Spaced out over 16 years, the Sprawl trilogy (1984-88) explores the interstices between mind and computer. Neuromancer won the SF Chronicle Novel award (1985), the Hugo award for Best Novel (1985), the Nebula Novel award (1985) and the PKD Award (1985).

First HC edition: Published by Gollancz (1984)
First SC edition (true first): published by Ace (1984)
Part of the Sprawl Trilogy:
Neuromancer (1984)
Count Zero (1986)
Mona Lisa Overdrive (1988)
Collectors notes:
Less than 5 Fine copies currently available on the market.
Dustcover subject to fading
Earlier SC edition is scarcer than HC edition.
Uncorrected proof is near-impossible to come by.
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