Notes on 'Singularity Sky' (2003) by Charles Stross (b. 1964)

Belonging to a new generation of sf authors which came to prominence post-2000, Charles Stross captures better than anybody else the dizzying times of rapid technological development we live in. Where Accellerando (2005) fleshes out the lives of one family caught in the take-off phase of a technological singularity, Singularity Sky delivers an equally absurd tale of a society that all of a sudden is granted access to matter replication devices.

First HC edition: Published by Ace Books (2003)
Part of the Singularity Sky series:
Singularity Sky (2003)
Iron Sunrise (2004)
Collectors notes:
Less than 20 Fine copies currently available on the market.
Watch out for remaindered copies.
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