Notes on 'War in Heaven' (1998) by David Zindell (b. 1952)

Together with Bruce Sterling, Iain M. Banks and Dan Simmons, David Zindell belongs to the generation of critically acclaimed sf writers who from the mid-1980s onwards brought space opera back on the map. War in heaven is the final work in David Zindell’s A Requiem for Homo Sapiens series (1993-1998), the sequel to Neverness (1988). Similar to Neverness (1988), the follow-up series continues to interrogate the pressures placed on what it means to be human in the face of ever advancing technology.

First SC edition: Published by Bantam Spectra (1998)
(A HC edition was never published)
Part of the Neverness Universe series:
Neverness (1988)
The Broken God (1993)
The Wild (1995)
War in Heaven (1998)
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